About TMPC

The Toronto Multi Purpose Centre (TMPC) was built in 1996 by the Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) to service and benefit the Toronto and surrounding districts communities.

TMPC is leased from the LMCC and is managed by a dedicated volunteer management committee made of local qualified dedicated people plus a team of coordinators and volunteer staff. TMPC is a not for profit organisation and a registered charity.

TMPC services the residents of Toronto and surrounding districts by offering conference rooms and office spaces to all levels of government plus private businesses which run training programs, presentations and educational programs plus open forums which benefit the Toronto Community.

TMPC generates income by renting conference and office spaces to businesses including -

TMPC constantly reviews the centres operations and diligently searches for opportunities which best meet the needs of the Toronto community.

TMPC invites personal functions at the centre such as family gatherings, birthday parties, hen’s parties or baby showers etc (All party hires are at the discretion of the management committee).

Toronto Multi Purpose Centre policy "alcohol consumption and smoking is strictly prohibited" including the centres carpark area.

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