Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Hire Application

a)  Approval of the hiring application is at the discretion of the Toronto Multipurpose Centre Incorporated Managers. 

b) The Hirer will only use the venue for the purpose and activities outlined and approved in the User Agreement Form. Under no circumstances is the venue for hire for 18th or 21st Birthday parties.

c) The hire may be cancelled at any time if determined necessary by The Toronto Multipurpose Centre Incorporated managers. 

d) The Hirer shall not sublet the premises to any other organisation/individual. 

e) The Hirer must have their own Public Liability insurance cover, and provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency to the Toronto Multipurpose Centre Incorporated managers before the hire commences.

2. Key Collection and Return

a)  Keys can be collected during office hours on or before the last working day before the hire. 

b) Keys must be returned by 11am on the first working day subsequent to the hire.

c) Keys must not be duplicated for any reason whatsoever. Lost keys must be reported immediately to the Manager and replacement costs will be taken from the Key Deposit.

3. Using the Venue

a) The Hirer will not sell any products, conduct sports, games or races, use amusement devices, erect any structures or ignite any fireworks without prior approval.

b) Smoking is not permitted in Toronto Multipurpose Centre Incorporated’s grounds.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure this condition is strictly enforced.  

c) Under no circumstances is the sale or provision of alcohol permitted.

d) Under no circumstances is the acoustic dividing wall to be opened or closed by the hirer. The positioning of the wall should be arranged with the Manager before the hire. 

e) Noise, particularly departure noise, is to be kept to a minimum so as not to inconvenience surrounding residents.

f) Blu tac, drawing pins, or sticky tape must not be used to affix decorations or signs.  Cost of removal may be deducted from the bond.

g) The venue must be vacated by 11pm.

4. At the conclusion of the hire

a) The venue must be vacated by 11pm.  NO EXCEPTIONS

b) The Hirer must leave the venue in a clean and tidy state with all furniture and other resources returned to their original positions.

c) All rubbish must be removed by the Hirer and placed in the bins provided.

d) The Hirer is responsible for any breakages, theft or damage to the facility or equipment.  Any damage must be immediately reported to the Manager who will calculate the cost of the damage and include the amount in the Hire invoice or deduct it from the bond.

e) The Hirer must ensure that all electrical appliances including lights, fans, heaters and cooking appliances are turned off and all doors locked when leaving the venue.

5. Bond Refund

a)  The bond will be refunded once the hired venue has been inspected and found satisfactory. 

b) Costs will be removed from the bond in the case of any damage or where the venue is not left in a satisfactory condition.